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My Anal Whore

HD 720P.Your butthole is such a slut. Is there anything you would not put up there? I bet you are just waiting for the next violating thing you can do to that poor butthole of yours. Plugs, pencils, fingers, toothbrushes I mean really, you are running out of new things to put up there. Lucky for you I have done some research on what you can do next. CATEGORIES: ANAL TRAINING, FORCED BI, SISSIFICATION, HUMILIATION, HOT GIRL LAUGHING UNCONTROLLABLY AT HOW DESPERATE YOU ARE TO PLAY WITH YOUR BUTTHOLE, BRUNETTE TEASE, SUB TRAINING, ANAL TOYS, BUTT PLUGS.        

Lucky To Be Locked

Well look who it is, the whiner. God I am so sick of you always thinking about your cock, thinking with it is more like it. All you do is wake up and complain about your chastity device every chance you get. Yet you forget, you voluntarily locked yourself and handed me ALL the keys. You dumb ass. Now that I have your keys you are about to learn a very important lesson. DO NOT COMPLAIN. ALWAYS BE THANKFUL LINDSEY LEIGH OWNS YOUR COCK. THINK OF GODDESS BEFORE EVERYTHING ELSE. God its not hard, you're just a moron.

I Love Playing With Your Cock

I love playing with your cock. Do you want to play a jerk off game with me? Come on it will be fun, you know you want to worship my beautiful body. Well start slow and gentle by rubbing the outside of your pants, next your boxers, next, you're naked and jerking on your knees. As I instruct you step by step on how I want you to pump your cock. Slowly you glance over every single inch of my body. 15 minutes have passed and you are still hanging on my every word.